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    1. The God Of LOVE Divided By Three Equals One, Newly Published

      Do you want to know why God had created this earth? Do you want to know why this earth, that is in this dark and empty universe, is the only planet that has life on it and the other planets in our solar system and universe don’t? Do you want to know the size of this universe? Do you want to know where sin had originally come from? Did you know that all of mankind is conceived, formed ...

    2. I, Immortal

      This is for an ebook at Amazon for $2.99. If you like Science Fiction and Fantasy this is right up your alley! This is the story of a man who is roughly 12,000 old in the process of putting some of the highlights of his rather long life to paper. He has been through a lot and still looks forward to the next day. Meet Aris the immortal, through his own eyes I'm a local author who lives ...

    3. The Body Glove II

      This is the sequel to my Sci-Fi best seller The Body Glove which was recently published! The story of Enigma continues as the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. The world desperately searches for a cure as Enigma tries to find an answer... I'm a local writer that leaves in League City and has 11 published books on Amazon. Check out my work and if you pick up any of my books I would ...

    4. Think Career !! The Young Person's Guide to Career Planning

      "Think Career !!" provides career advice to students around the ages of 13 through 21. It teaches students how to plan for their future by providing them with a personalized form of career planning. Check it out: - facebook.com/thinkcareer - @thinkcareers

    5. Selling(SET 1)Comic Books of Deadpool Corps #1,Ghost Rider#1,Firestorm

      Selling(SET 1) Comic Books of: Deadpool Corps #1- Penciller: Rob Liefeld Apearances by Deadpool,Headpool, Kidpool, Dogpool and Lady Deadpool. Thunderbolts#20- GHOST RIDER JOINS THE THUNDERBOLTS! General Ross's Thunderbolts were brought together to clean up problems no one else could. Team made of Dead pool,Ghost Rider,Punisher, Elektra,Venom,Red Hulk,RedLeader. Ghost Rider #1- 1st ...

    6. The 13 year trial

      The 13 year trial is about a group of Plastic Surgeons who used corrupt govenment and flesh eating bacteria to disfigure the image of a fellow doctor. This hard cover book was intended to be sold for $33.00 but due to a few typos, such as, South america. We are selling it for $15.00 plus shipping.

    7. Devolution

      I'm a local writer who lives in League City and works as a massage therapist with my own business. I would appreciate your checking out my work and leaving me a review at Amazon. You don't need a kindle to read my ebook which is also available in paperback and you can download the free kindle apps for your pc ipod ipad or android device on the same page as my book. Links aren't clickable ...

    8. Selling(Set 2) of Comic Books/Graphic Novels of Wolverine and X-men

      Selling (SET 2) of Comic Books/Graphic Novels of Wolverine and X-men Plus Adding 2 Movie Rare Film Cells from the Avengers Movie. These are what Comic Books/Graphic novels of Wolverine and X-men that I'm Selling(Set 2) Wolverine: Dangerous Games TPB (Graphic Novel)- Wolverine as you've never seen him before! Watch the X-Men's most dangerous member as he battles two-bit thugs and overfed ...

    9. Selling(SET 3)Comic Books/Impulse#1/Cyborg#1/Earth2#1,Avengers M Cell

      Selling(SET 3) Comic Books of: Impulse #1, Cyborg #1, Earth 2 #1, FINAL CRISIS: LEGION of 3 WORLDS #1's Variants Covers and Exclusive Movie Film Cell of the Avengers Movie. Selling All together for $20. All in Mint Condition (9.4) with New Bags/Board. Email me back,or Tex me if Interested. Pick up only.

    10. Larousse Gastronomique cookbook reduced from 50

      Over 1000 Pages The First American EDition of the Encyclopedia of Food, Wine and Cookery 8500 Recipes..1000 Illustrations Test translated from French 1961 by Crown Publishing, Inc. Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number: 61-15788 Call Richard 281-359-8141

    11. Golf Digest and Golf Magazines

      Make Offer $.20 each if all purchased 152 Golf Digest and 182 Golf Magazines 1980-2003 some complete years All in excellent condition Some may have value in the future with Tiger Woods, etc. Call Richard 281-359-8141 for details

    12. Time Life Nature Library, price reduced

      Almost Mint condition 20 volume hardcover vintage set plus Index of original owner Nature Library purchaes in the 1960s Excellent reference collection and difficult to find a complete set. This set is missing 4 books identified below Most individual books sell for $7 to $15 depending on condition from poor to excellent with the Index at about $25. Asking $180.00 Call 281-359-8141 Index To ...

    13. The God Inside Trilogy ebook!  $2.99 at Amazon!

      This is my complete series The God Inside Trilogy It's a story of one man's discovery of the power he holds within. I am a local writer who lives in League City that would greatly appreciate your support. You don't need a kindle to read it, and you can download the free for p.c. ipod ipad or android device application at Amazon. If you get my book I would love to see your review at Amazon ...

    14. VRIKOLAKAS My latest book and 1st Vampire Novel at Amazon!

      This is for my latest book called VRIKOLAKAS which is the story of Jason a 2,600 year old Vampire from Sparta, and his life as seen through his eyes. This is my 12th published book, and you can find it on Amazon under my pen name which is Afobos. You can copy and past the link below as well to your browser. Links don't work on ebay classified I'm afraid. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FV0WDDG ...

    15. Under the Graves

      In a world ravaged by wars and lacking government authority, the future is a high-tech and dangerous world; criminals and innocent bystanders co-mingle. Robin Luddites become crime bosses that navigate through the corruption to restore balance against the corporations. Humans have evolved with animal attributes in order to survive the radioactive, toxic environment. New Orleans is a ...

    16. For the sake of the song. Townes Van Zandt songbook

      This is a first edition autographed by Townes hard cover book published by Wings Press here in Houston. There are not very many of these left as most of this collection was ruined in a flood. Highly collectible and scarce. A great find for Townes Van Zandt fans/collectors.

    17. Selling (SET #10)Comics of Vengeance of Vampirelia-Dealer Inc.Variants

      Selling(SET #10) of Comics of: Vengeance of Vampirella (Dealer Incentive Variants) Considered a Vampire because she needs blood to survive, Vampirella has all of their powers but none of their weaknesses. Hailing from the planet Drakulon, she was sent to Earth to kill all evil vampires. Making her first appearance in 1969, Vampirella is considered to be one of the earliest "bad girls" in ...

    18. Selling Comic Books (SET #8) of

      Selling (Set #8) of Comic Books of: BATMAN & ROBIN #23.4 KILLER CROC #1 DC Comics Villains Month LENTICULAR 3-D Batman & Robin #23.3/Ra's al Ghul#1 DC Comics Villains Month Lenticular Cover 3D DC's Secret Files & Origins 2000 Amazing Spiderman #18 Spider-Woman Origins #1B(Coipel Variant Cover) Sell all 5 Comic Books for $20, Email me back,or Tex back if Interested. Local Pick up only.

    19. Reiki for Witches ...Wizards, Pagans, New-Agers

      'Reiki for Witches: A Multi-Purpose Holistic Tool For Witches, Wizards, Pagans and New-Agers,' by Dr. Isis Day, is an expository thesis which discusses Reiki as an alternative type of healing practice, and looks at its significance within the context of Metaphysics, Pagan and New-Age practices. It examines the key techniques associated with this healing process which allows Reiki ...

    20. Witches Unite!: Magic and Witchcraft...

      “This book – ‘Witches Unite!’ by Isis Day – is a bold new perspective on Magic and Witchcraft; very inviting for those of us who’re not Witches. Lucky you, if you’re a Witch or Wizard; no Pagan should miss this uniquely inspiring book.” – Julie Williams (author of ‘Illuminatista: God 2.0’ and ‘Romeo and Julie: My Secret Erotic Dilemma With Romeo of Julingdom’). From the book: “When you go in ...